Odds & Ends: The Gay Generation Gap, et al

Last week’s Time Magazine featured a cover story about gay teenagers. The article noted that the Gay Rights movement and its Baby Boomer leaders generally don’t know how to reach out to gay teenagers, citing a generation gap in gay identity. That’s similar to the church, isn’t it? The older generation of any movement has its time-honored, cherished ways of doing things, but these ways often mean little to a generation that has its own cherished experiences. (By the way, how is the Rotary Club doing these days?)

I heard last week that Donald Rumsfeld attended a meeting with Latin American law enforcement leaders to discuss narco-terrorism. Isn’t this what we used to call drug trafficking? I guess everything needs a connection to terrorism these days (I’m waiting for President Bush to refer to birds infected with the avian flu as terrorists opposed freedom, peace, democracy and poultry farming, hell-bent on disrupting our Western way of life) . . .

How about 32 year-old Teddy Bruschi of the New England Patriots, whose full recovery from a mild stroke will allow him to return to practice tomorrow and to play in perhaps two weeks! Speaking of strokes, the Baltimore Orioles’ 64 year-old bullpen coach had a stroke in April. Now, nearly six months later, the team decided to give him a less rigorous assignment within the organization. Doesn’t this seem six months too late for a guy twice Bruschi’s age?

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