Off Topic: Philly Sports

Completely off topic from my usual religiously-themed posts, but it’s been a big day for Philadelphia sports fans.  Terrell Owens, the dynamically disruptive wide receiver, lost arbitration and will spend the rest of the football season at home – and the rest of his career elsewhere.  However, Jim Thome, perrenial good guy and son of a union man who was lured from the Cleveland Indians three years ago in part by the cheers and support of union laborers, will also not return to Philadelphia next season.  The injury-prone first baseman is being traded to the Chicago White Sox for a center fielder (oh, and the Phillies will pay 1/2 of his remaining $44 million contract).

Both moves are good for our teams.  Terrell Owens was a distraction of titanic proportions whose presence off the field will not be missed, even if his on field athleticism will be missed.  Jim Thome, on the other hand, is the consumate gentleman athlete, and he will be missed.  But replacing him will be rising star and Rookie of the Year Ryan Howard, who deserves a starting position on our team.

And so, as the Eagles attempt to safely crash-land their season (with Donovan McNabb out for the season and the running game out for lunch), I am among a growing number of fans already excitedly looking towards Phillies spring training in Clearwater (only three months to go).

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

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