My Emergent Kick

Thousands of you have commented, lamented, and otherwise vented in remorse and regret that I haven’t posted on the theme of the Emergent Church movement in several weeks.  OK, perhaps not thousands.  Actually, nobody has.  Other things have caught my attention in recent weeks, but I’ll be back to commenting about the Emergent movement soon.  In the meantime, some interluding thoughts . . .

Emergent intrigues me, even if I lean more towards the Alt Worship movement, instead (the distinction?  An explanation).   The idea of this Alt Worship/Emergent thing as a 21st century, post-modern liturgical renewal fascinates me.  Some might say that Emergent is more than a liturgical movement, that it is a redefining of what it means to be church.  But the truth is, in my brief examination of the Emergent Church movement (1.5 books read, 1 visit to an emergent congregation, lots of website reading, some conversations with emergent types, etc.), I see a movement that can reorient the church to its core by slaying the sacred cows of 19th century worship style and reconnect the church to its ancient moorings.  By emphasizing experience and embracing new forms of being community, Emergent offers us a new lease on life and a glimpse at what, perhaps, we’re missing in today’s church.  Emergent ain’t perfect (there’s lots of baby being thrown out with the bathwater, and not a little bit of style winning over substance), but I think Emergent can offer the church a good shake-up, and in doing so renew the church we love.

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