What kind of Lutheran are you?

Just for fun, here’s a Lutheran Quiz, brought to you by our friend Chris Halverson, a Lutheran missionary in England (evangelizing those Anglicans?) who blogs.  My results, found below.

  What Kind of Lutheran are you?

You are a Theological Lutheran. The theology of Luther and his fellow reformers is what drives you into the arms of the Lutheran Church. Your best friends are pastors, you dream of wearing the collar (or maybe you already do) and you somehow manage (to the chagrin of many others)  to steer most of your conversations with people toward Melanchthon or Chilstrom and often make references to such things as SemEx, Jesus First or  Word Alone and throw in an occasional badly pronounced ancient foreign word like Logos Ruach Ekklesia Koninia or Adoni.
Take this quiz!

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