My new, well-fitting, baseball cap

It arrived yesterday – my Washington Nationals batting practice cap! I am very excited about this. Why excited about a baseball cap? Primarily I’m excited because the dang thing fits me. You see, I have a problem. In my one year on the junior high football team, they didn’t have a helmet that fit my head (they had to get a helmet from the senior high team). A former girlfriend often used the term "megacephalic" to describe me (we didn’t last long), and while I lived in Chile a friend called me "el cabezon" (translated that means "big head"). And this style hat – the major league baseball batting practice cap – is the only standard-issue baseball cap that comes in a size that fits my mammoth head.

But, I am also excited because this particular hat has been hard to find. As a passionate baseball fan who also feels an affinity towards the city of Washington, DC, I was thrilled when our national pastime returned to our nation’s capital. Over the past year, I tried and tried and tried to get this cap, but each time it was sold out. Finally, after months of arduous efforts, my head is snug as a bug in a rug in this cap celebrating baseball in Washington and all things things that are good about this country (most of which have to do with baseball).

Here’s to post-Christmas shopping!

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