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I wrote to my state representative (Charles T. McIlhenny Jr) and state senator (Joe Conti) today about Pennsylvania Lottery reform. I scrapped the idea of warning labels I mentioned in a previous post – that was pretty lame – but asked my elected officials to assist with the following PA Lottery reforms:

Vending machine reform:
– Eliminate gambling vending machines altogether; or
– Remove gambling vending machines from child-friendly locations; or
– Raise the height of gambling vending machines so that children cannot see and be attracted to these gambling games.

Gaming card reform
– Eliminate all cartoonish, child-friendly images from instant games (such as the one shown here).

As I mentioned previously, I oppose the PA Lottery primarily because it is a lousy way to fund state programs for the elderly (if we really care about the old folks, let’s put their needs in the state budget rather than depend on the gambling loses of thousands of Pennsylvanians for funding). Additionally, lotteries are regressive and disproportionately affect the poor and low-income members of our society. And I could go on and on, but I have to go to bed.

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