The Senator’s Office Called

So I’ve been complaining on this blog (with little response) about the lottery and its child-friendly way of doing business (cartoonish images on instant games, lottery vending machines at child height, cute groundhog lottery "mascot"). I also wrote a letter to my elected state representatives.

Well, this week I received a sympathetic phone call from my state senator’s office, and they say they’re looking into it. This week I’ll be sending a follow-up letter, thanking them for their interest and offering a few more suggestions.

One of the most outrageous things is the vending machines that sell instant games. My 2 year-old daughter can easily see into the machines that feature games such as the one to the left. Surely the PA Lottery can use machines that are adult-height.  With the help of my elected representatives, I hope to get this changed.

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Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

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