A Few of my Favorite Things

I’ve been itching to post something along these lines, and thanks to LutheranChik for this idea.  She posted Five Pleasures, and I had been thinking about listing a few of my favorite things.  Well, here goes: Five of my favorite things (limited strictly to "stuff," lest I get in trouble for not mentioning my wife and daughter on this list).

XM Satellite Radio: Easier and less work than an iPod (no downloading, for example), I cruise around the local byways, interstate highways and my living room listening to commercial free music – usually 80s/90s New Wave and alternative – and BBC, ESPN, C-SPAN, Public Radio International, and much more.  Where else can you catch a 2 hour lecture/presentation on the future of democracy in the Middle East on a Saturday morning on your way to Lancaster County?  Oh, and most importantly, they carry every single Major League Baseball game every day of the season.  I can listen to my Phillies wherever I am, thanks to XM Satellite Radio.

Small Catechism Study Edition, 1994 Wengert Translation: Great translation, great footnotes (especially on the Table of Duties), nice little woodcuts.  Simply a wonderfully rich edition that gives the reader much more than just the raw text of the Small Catechism.

My pocket edition Bible: It fits in the hand and briefcase so darn easily.  I used to love my New Oxford Annotated Bible honker, but the NOAB has taken a backseat to this lovely little guy.

My mechanical pencil: I’m neurotically attached to this pencil (in fact, some unhealthy neurosis is related to each of these five items).  It’s the best $6.49 you’ll ever spend at Staples.

The batting practice baseball cap: The official Major League Baseball batting practice cap, New Era style 3930, is the only cap that’s large enough to fit me.  I have three – Phillies, Nationals, Orioles.

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