“The Twin Towers of moral terror”

Near the end of a speech today at the March for Life in Washington in which he denounced abortion and sexual immorality, Rabbi Yehuda Levin of Jews for Morality called out in his best prophetic preacher voice, "Stop the baby killing, stop the displays of deviance, the Twin Towers of moral terror!" Is it me, or are moralistic appropriations of 9/11 just particularly tasteless? This comment is especially abhorrent, because it recalls Jerry Falwell’s suggestion that 9/11 may have been God’s retribution for America’s moral decay as evidenced in the ACLU, abortion rights, feminists, gays and People for the American Way.

Listen here (speech begins approximately at 1:15:30, quote at 1:18:00), or visit www.c-span.com for more information.

(PS. Blogger’s spell check doesn’t recognize "Falwell," and suggests as a replacement "valueless." Fascinating.)

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