Word Verification Poetry

Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep I’ve been suffering through all weekend, or my Sudafed-amented brain, but here is something I’ve been itching to do for a few weeks – Word Verification Poetry!

Tovgfaml groor unmoz ostloc,
Exleyivp naxhnb ynnwq zcikf.
Dwavfdl lkbwq
Vzxwsn epoeuc,
Pcrxrog nukdkhw sximdumi swbuq.

I can see a wonderful future in Word Verificaton Poetry Slams, Word Verification Poetry blogs, and an eventual US Poet Laureate citing Word Verification Poetry as her inspiration.  What an exciting thought!

(Yes, these are actual Word Verification character combinations.  And now I must go to sleep so a post like this doesn’t happen again . . . )

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