Weekend in Review

It’s been a busy weekend.  Here’s wrap-up:

  • 5.5 miles – today I ran 5.5 miles, up from my previous 3.1 mile loop.  And last week I began running on consecutive days.  Weight loss is still only moderate (and I can’t say that I’ve changed my eating habits that much), but I’m well on my way to getting ready for the 10-mile Broad Street Run in May.  And to think that in December, running up the stairs caused me to loose my breath . . .
  • Christian Century on Divorce – the current edition of Christian Century addresses the topic of divorce and focuses on the recent book, Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce.  This is a wonderful book for any child of divorce, any parent who is divorced, or anyone who deals with the parents and children of divorce.  CC interviews the author (Elizabeth Marquardt) and reviews the book, both very positively (yet I found both the review and the interview to be a bit clunkly – a knock against CC, not Elizabeth Marquardt).
  • What do we want from them? – I’ve been thinking about how a church articulates what it wants/expects/hopes from its members.  Do we offer/suggest/lay down expectations?  Can we outline a spiritual discipline that includes weekly bible study, weekly worship, daily prayer, tithing, etc.?  I think that we can (and should!), and I’ll come back to this topic later in the week . . .
  • PLAY – The New York Times Sports Magazine debuted today.  It is an intelligent (and welcome) approach to sports journalism.  However, since most sports fans are not the NYT-reading type, I give this magazine about 6 months.

Have a great week.

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