Melting Down My Golden Calves

In my previous posting I suggested that some people make an idol out of King James’ versions of the Lord’s Prayer and scripture. God forbid that we update the language! Well, I can’t point a finger too long without getting all kinds of, "oh shucks, I’ve got my own idols, too" guilty.

So, I’m thinking of identifying the idols of my life, exposing them on this blog, and melting down those golden calf bastards. Will you join me?

Perhaps this can be a Lenten thing. We have six full weeks of Lent (counting Holy Week), and perhaps we can do an idol a week? (I’m sure we could all name an idol a day, but that just might require too much navel gazing). We can even have categories for different types of idols. What’s my religious idol (that church/theological thing that I imbue with too much importance)? What’s my professional/workplace idol? What’s my personal idol? What’s my self-image idol? What’s my life-goal idol? What’s my . . . .

I’d love to nail down six categories of idols that we can identify, expose and melt.

Just a thought that may or may not catch on. But I hope it has more legs than my God-awful Word Verification Poetry of a little while ago . . .

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