Youth Spirit Room (in progress – feedback needed!)

I’m putting together the "Spirit Room" at a youth event this weekend. This is a quasi-chapel place where kids will come for reflection and prayer. In past years, adapted prayer labyrinths have been used. This year’s Spirit Room will not be a labyrinth, but will be filled with various experiential activities. It will feature five stations inviting youth to various faith practices and reflections. A brief preview follows, and I would appreciate your feedback and ideas.

Baptism Station – A reflection on the forgiveness of sins we receive in baptism.
Materials: Bowl of water; dry erase board, markers, eraser
What they do: Read brief introduction to baptism; write/confess sins on white board; recall baptism; "erase" sins; go in peace.

Small Catechism Station – A reflection on Luther’s Small Catechism.
Materials: Copies of the Small Catechism (up to 50 copies free for kids to take)
What they do: Read each of the primary sections of the Small Catechism (10 Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, Lord’s Prayer) followed by a brief reflection activity related to that section. Reflection summaries and activities are below:

10 Commandments: The 10 Commandments serve like a mirror, showing us our sin, our brokenness, our need for God. Youth will be invited to write a word or draw a picture of our sin and brokenness on a large mirror (or several cheap dorm room mirrors).

Apostles’ Creed: After seeing our sin and inability to exist without God in the 10 Commandments, we profess our faith in God and recall all that God does for us and the world. Youth will be invited to contribute to some sort of communally constructed object that demonstrates our connectedness to God and to each other (any ideas?).

Lord’s Prayer: All that we need comes from God, and is contained in the Lord’s Prayer. Youth will be invited to pray the Lord’s Prayer (out loud or silently) and then write things for which they are thankful to God on a large sheet of paper.

Daily Life Station – A reflection on God’s presence in daily life
Materials: PowerPoint slide presentation (that I have yet to create!) featuring images of the ordinary stuff of life, interspersed with scripture passages, Luther quotes about daily life, and ‘religious’ images
What they do: Watch the PowerPoint loop and reflect on God’s presence in their daily life

Bible Station – A reflection on the Bible as God’s Word
Materials: Bibles (50 free Bibles for kids to take, and several other Spirit Room Bibles for kids to read), "essential Bible passages" hand-out
What they do: Look up and read various passages, and alone or with friends ask how God might be speaking in this text.

Suffrages Station – A structured prayer from our Lutheran Book of Worship
Materials: Copies of the Lutheran Book of Worship
What they do: Pray Responsive Prayer 2: Suffrages alone or with a friend.
(Why: I think kids can and do get into tradition, ritual, and prayer, and should be exposed to the prayer rites from our primary worship book).

Well, let me know what you think. 4 days and counting, and I have lots of work to do yet!

(*Please note that the Baptismal Station activity is adapted from an activity originally appearing in Here We Stand, Augsburg Fortress’ new confirmation ministry curriculum. The 10 Commandments activity is vaguely inspired by a mirror-related activity on the same subject in Here We Stand.)

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  1. I have a children’s ministry and was wondering how I could get the 50 free bibles for kids.

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