It’s a Miracle!

I’ve been part of a youth event this weekend – my role was to put together the "Spirit Room" – a room dedicated to prayer, reflection, and meditation, with several stations or activities to guide participants.

One of the stations was a Baptismal Station, in which young people were invited to write their sins on a dry erase board.  Then they were to offer a prayer of confession, dip their fingers in a bowl of water and make the sign of the cross to recall their baptism.  Then, they were to "erase" their sins from the dry erase board.  In baptism our sins are forgiven!

Well, one young woman ran out of the room to me and said, "It’s a miracle!  Really, the brand of eraser is "miracle."  How perfect is that?!?!  It’s a miracle that we are forgiven!"

Yes.  What a wonderful miracle.

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