Lenten Discipline, so far

So, I’ve given up blogging for the 40 days of Lent (Sundays excluded, of course). Kind of an odd thing for me to do, since the only way I know most of my 6 readers is through this online medium. But, as I mentioned in a previous posting, I made this decision so that I could focus my energies on the more important vocations of family and work. And though it has little to do with my Lenten discipline, yesterday my wife and I had a rare day together with our daughter, uninterrupted by either her work or mine (or blogging!). It was wonderful.

Yet during the first four days of my blogging fast I found that I was itching to run to the keyboard to type out some random thoughts, to expound on some event, issue or situation. Instead, at those moments I simply turned back to other, more important tasks related to my vocations as husband, father or salesman – or the daily crossword puzzle. Yes, one unintentional benefit of this Lenten discipline has been that my wife and I have returned to doing the crossword puzzle together each day.

We may begin our Lenten fasts with the best of intentions, seeking specific benefits. But, as I have learned only four days into my Lenten journey, the unintentional benefits are the best . . .

(I’ll be back next Sunday.  Until then, have a blessed Lenten journey.)

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