I’m an Old Flag Loser

Venezuela’s president/dictator Hugo Chavez has changed his nation’s flag – by adding an 8th star and changing the direction of a horse (really – click on the link).
This greatly concerns me.
Why? Less than two weeks ago I purchased a Venezuela baseball jersey sporting a patch of the old, 7-star, horse-going-the-wrong-way, flag. Can you imagine the humiliation I’ll now suffer? Now when I walk down the streets of suburban Philadelphia I’m going to be identified as a poser, a wannabe, a you-got-the-old-flag kind of loser. It’s horrible. Add this to the long list of Why Socialist Dictators Stink.
Or maybe this was a strategic marketing maneuver on the part of the socialist government of Venezuela. By changing their nation’s flag in the middle of the World Baseball Classic, they can now sell new jerseys emblazoned with the new flag. Imagine the revenue streams! Are you a retro flag kind of fan, or an 8-star fan? Who knew those socialists had such marketing insight?

Published by Lutheran Zephyr

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

One thought on “I’m an Old Flag Loser

  1. Just think of yourself as retro. You’re not a loser. Your shirt has history! Plus, the girl thinks it makes you look like a real baseball player!

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