Forget the Fast

I’ve been fasting from blogging during Lent, blogging only on Sundays. What once looked like a good idea has turned into a recipe for bad blogging. In the name of spiritual discipline I decided to focus on my vocations of work and family during the week, and funnel my blogging onto Sunday, a day when my brain and body are whiped out and my initiative for faithful reflection is somewhere between death and the grave.

Today, in particular, I’m exhausted and have little intelligent or coherent to write (yeah, I know, why should today be different than any other day?). I have three partially-written, saved drafts on immigration, church economics, and spirituality – but they are each disjointed, incoherent jumbles of crud.

So I’m ending my Lenten blogging fast, even though I will attempt to maintain the spirit of this fast – that of renewed focus on my primary vocations. But I need some space, some time, some opportunity mid-week to post thoughts and reflections on life and faith from my Lutheran perspective, because cramming it all into Sunday evenings makes for bad blogging (and bad spirituality – true spiritual reflection emerges from the stuff of everyday life, afterall).

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