Game of Shaddows

I bought Game of Shaddows, the new book that details the BALCO steroids investigation, Barry Bonds’ alleged use of steroids, and the use of steroids in other sports.  I’ll be back with a review in a week or so . . .

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2 thoughts on “Game of Shaddows

  1. I’m confused. I don’t expect for you to give me a tutorial…but as long as you were mentioning the site feed stuff and I use my yahoo, I thought I’d try this. I already use bloglines, and that is mostly fine.
    Today I couldn’t find the RSS button on anything I checked, although in the past, I’ve seen it on many pages. And when I checked the link on your page, I got a big page of stuff, but nothing matching the directions on the my yahoo FAQ.
    I know I’m missing the boat on something.

  2. 1) Rightclick on the “subscribe to this blog’s feed” link, and copy the link location (this seems like an odd proces to me, however)
    2) on, you can change the content of your page and add an RSS or XML feed somewhere. Paste the copied URL from my feed link in that field.

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