New Blogsite Updates

Some notes about the new site and my transition from Blogger to Typepad:

  • Typepad is definately a better blog host, offering significantly more functionality than Blogger, including categories, IM online notification, a simple link to subscribe to the blog’s feed, a neato calendar and easy to use archives, etc. etc..  However, its Help and account management interfaces are not as intuitive as those of Blogger, and it offers fewer design templates.
  • Typepad advertises that its intermediate membership ($8.95/month) allows you to get your own personalized web address –  This is only partially true.  First, you have to get a service to host your website and register your domain.  I did this with, for only $19 for one year (lower per year costs if you commit to more than one year).  Once you get your domain name, typepad will manage it and put your blog on that domain name.
  • Their instructions re: moving your blog from Blogger to Typepad work pretty well.  The move, however, includes replacing your Blogger blog template to something that the computers can read and transfer.  Thus, it is very, very important to copy and paste (and save) your original Blogger template into a Word document for safe keeping, in case you need or want to recover your blog over at Blogger.  BTW, this process only moves your posts – not comments, links, or other customizations.
  • I’ve updated my lists of Blogs of Interest and Links of Interest for the most part, but also used the opportunity to purge some links and blogs from my lists that I no longer use.  I plan some more customizations in the coming days and weeks.  Any ideas?
  • If you are looking to update or add my site feed to your feed reeder (I used to use, and now I use a personalized Google homepage), simply right click on the "Subscribe to this blog’s feed" link on the left-hand column, copy the feed location, and paste it into the appropriate field in your feeder.

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