“I have lots of fantasies . . .

. . . but none of them include Barry Bonds."

That is what one friend said to me when I told him about my fantasy baseball team.  This will be the fourth year in a row that I will have a fantasy baseball team in a league with my wife’s family (my wife has her own team).  I have never won, but my teams are usually respectable.  Speaking of team, here’s mine:

  • C – Joe Mauer, Twins
  • 1B – Chad Tracy, Diamondbacks
  • 2B – Marcus Giles, Braves
  • 3B – Melvin Mora, Orioles
  • SS – Michael Young, Rangers
  • OF – Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners
  • OF – Matt Holliday, Rockies
  • OF – Kevin Mench, Rangers
  • Util – Travis Hafner, Indians

Not a bad lineup, but I screwed up on the first pick of my draft.  I accidentally clicked on Michael Young.  He’s a good ballplayer, but not a first round type . . . OK, the pitchers:

  • SP – Carlos Zambrano, Cubs
  • SP – Kenny Rodgers, Tigers
  • SP – Carlos Silva, Twins
  • SP – Jeremy Bondermann, Tigers
  • SP – Livan Hernandez, Nationals
  • SP – Brett Myers, Phillies
  • SP – Kevin Millwood, Rangers
  • RP – Arthur Rhoads, Phillies (set-up man – we have a "holds" category)
  • RP – Billy Wagner, Mets
  • RP – Francisco Cordero, Rangers

It could be worse, but I think I’ll hang in there and make the season interesting.

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