The Gospel of Judas

There is a (thin) article about the newly discovered Gospel of Judas in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.  Typical of the popular media (and to an extent, understandable), this article limits itself to a discussion of discovery of the text, its whereabout over the past few decades (it had been stolen, hidden in a freezer, etc.), and a basic summary of its translation and meaning.  But it doesn’t get into its origin.

What I want to know is this: out of what tradition or early Christian community does this Gospel of Judas text come from?  I’m curious about the community/communities that preserved and wrote down this Gospel.  Gnostic, yes, but was there a cult of Judas?  Were there followers of Judas?  The Gospels tell us that Judas killed himself in disgrace after handing Jesus over to the authorities, but did Judas have groupies who formed their own communities and who told a Judas-centric version of the Gospel?  I’m sure that Christian Century or some other periodical will offer a more significant review of the Gospel of Judas in the near future.

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2 Responses to The Gospel of Judas

  1. proclaimingsoftly says:

    Wikipedia lists some info. I can’t judge its validity.

  2. proclaimingsoftly says:
    Some of the URL may be missing on the Wikipedia link. Try the tinyurl

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