Readers Unawares

In recent weeks I’ve had in-person encounters with people who’ve read this blog – people at work, people in my synod, and even someone who said hi to me via my wife (but who I yet haven’t met) . . . I removed my name from this blog several months ago, but some of you know me anyway.  And that’s fine.  This blog is semi-anonymous, at best.  And I’m flattered that six – maybe eight? – people check in here at from time to time. 

Thank you for visiting.  And please, leave a comment from time to time.

Peace to you this Holy Week.

About Lutheran Zephyr

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.
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3 Responses to Readers Unawares

  1. LP says:

    Kind of makes you want to behave in the blogosphere, doesn’t it?!?!?

  2. My mommy checks my blog for updates religiously, so I DO behave on the blogosphere… more or less.

  3. Pink Shoes says:

    Yep, writing a blog anonymously is an interesting endeavor… writing one when you were once non-anonymous is probably even more interesting… I, for one, appreciate what you write and figured I should comment at least once!

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