Post-Game Wrap-up

After greeting worshipers at my guest preaching gig this morning and saying my final goodbyes to the ushers, I sped off in my car to meet my step-brother, sister-in-law, dad and daughter at Citizens Bank Park (a beautiful stadium surrounded by acres of parking lots far from any city neighborhood of note – not the kind of publicly-financed stadium deal that adds much to city life, business patronage, or sales tax revenue, but that’s fodder for a future post).  The Phillies faced the Marlins today and won, 4-2.  I think that’s one in a row for the Phils . . .

And now, the post-game awards:

  • Play of the Game – Diaper Bag Edition: My step-brother Dave talked his way out and back into the stadium to get my daughter’s diaper bag, which they inadvertently left in the car.  One inning later, my daughter had a diaper disaster of monstrous proportions.  Thanks, Dave!  Your play saved the day!
  • Play of the Game – Who Needs Instant Replay? Edition: During the changing of the disastrous diaper, Rookie of the Year Ryan Howard hit a mammoth home run to dead center.  Needless to say, I missed it.  I couldn’t even catch it on instant replay.  However, on his next at-bat he hit another home run, this one to left, which I saw.  Who needs instant replay when you’ve got Ryan Howard hitting back-to-back home runs?
  • Play of the Game – Mascot Edition: The Phillie Phanatic moseyed through our section and gave my daughter a big hug.  A year ago an embrace by a six-foot tall, pear-shaped, furry green monster with a huge belly and a crazy nose would have scared her to death.  Today it thrilled her to death!
  • Play of the Game – Mascot Edition (Honorable Mention): Mascots from throughout the Major Leagues were on hand today to celebrate the Phanatic’s birthday.  There’s nothing like seeing six mascots dance to The Village People on top of a dugout, or watching a bunch of mascots play a mock baseball game with kids prior to the "real" game (though the mascot game was almost as entertaining as the real game).
  • Hopeless Fan of the Game: Me.  I wore my Team Venezuela Bobby Abreu Jersey (an official product of the World Baseball Classic).  Since we were seated right behind home plate, Bobby acknowledged my hopeless obsession with him with a head-nod each time he warmed up in the on-deck circle.  I was overjoyed.  Gosh, I’m pathetic.
  • Letdown of the Day: My man Bobby Abreu.  He went 0-3 with a walk.  I think it was my jersey.  He went something like 3-27 in the World Baseball Classic, and I’m sure that I jinxed his performance today by wearing the WBC Team Venezuela jersey.  For now on, this thing is staying in the closet.
  • The (insert automotive sponsor of choice here) Key to the Game: My dad, who got the great tickets in the first place!  Thanks for bringing us along, Dad!

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