Liz likes a Garrison Keillor perspective on Lutheranism

Liz over at Dwelling in Possibility promises to write her own contribution once she gets her head above the water of law school final exams . . . but in the meantime she offers us a wonderful little article from Garrison Keillor about the comfort of Lutheran community.  All you hymn-singers out there will surely enjoy this one!

Thank you Liz, and good luck with your exams!

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2 thoughts on “Liz likes a Garrison Keillor perspective on Lutheranism

  1. Having listened to GK since the mid 1970’s, and living in the same state, I’ve always wondered about his lutheranism. He either didn’t grow up Lutheran or he came from a different branch than I did. When he sings the “old favorite hymns” they are not the hymns of my childhood. Does anyone know if he is from the Scandinavian branch? I’ve had a hint that he was from the Brethern at one time.
    I do find it very interesting and encouraging that he has been willing to put church/faith things into his show even before it was popular to do this.

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