Red Sox, Yankees, & Me

I have a sales call on Tuesday morning, June 6 on Long Island.  Rather than fight morning traffic from Philadelphia, I’m spending Monday night in the area.  What’s there to do in New York on Monday night, June 5? 

Red Sox vs. Yankees @ Yankee Stadium.

And I got a ticket.  About $40 will get you an upper deck ticket that would cost you about $10 in almost any other stadium for almost any other team.  My seat is so far away that I would have a better view of the balls and strikes from the Goodyear Blimp.  But does that matter?  It’s Red Sox vs. Yankees. 

Yes, these two teams’ spending sprees represent one of the biggest problems in baseball. But the Yankees and Red Sox have the best rivalry in baseball and two of the best teams.  And for a lowly Phillies fan, that is something to get excited about (even if I’m getting a nosebleed – either from the high-altitude climb to my seat or from friendly Yankees fans).

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2 thoughts on “Red Sox, Yankees, & Me

  1. Hope you have a good time and don’t get rained out. My son the ultimate baseball fan, probably knows more than you do, and my hubby went there, but they only got to see three innings.
    And this year our team is 13th in Batting average…..with bad pitching to boot.

  2. AUGGHHHHHHHHHH! Can I come too? Mostly because I love NYC. But also because the game sounds so much fun. 🙂

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