I’m the Best Man

Yesterday my friends J & E asked me to be the Best Man at their wedding next summer.  Of course, it is a wonderful honor and I said yes immediately.  I was a Best Man only once before – at my brother’s wedding – but I was much younger and dumber then, didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t know the other guys in the wedding party.  This time will be different . . . So, apart from the crazy stripper stories, please share with me any ideas you have for my Best Man responsibilities . . .

And many thanks to J & E for the honor.  I am touched . . .

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One thought on “I’m the Best Man

  1. Wow! We made the blog! You were kind of younger and dumber then, weren’t you…
    You will do a great job, and remember, leave all past relationships out of the toast…vague references are ok…very vague!

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