Zarqawi’s Death

Abu Musab al Zarqawi was killed over the weekend by American bombs.  A symbolic victory, perhaps, but the violence will still rage on.  And how should we Christians respond to the long sought-after death of militant leaders?  Though I am not interested in celebrating death, I do not mourn the loss of this man’s leadership in a blood-thirsty militant uprising.  I’m glad he’s off the streets, so to speak, but that’s about it.  I take no particular joy in his death.

And another question – why do they feel a need to put the picture of this dead man in a frame?  Can’t they simply display the image with a digital projector, or print it on simple foam board?  Perhaps W will hang this in his living room?


  1. proclaimingsoftly · June 12, 2006

    It is probably in a frame to keep the large size paper nice and straight. But, yes, it makes it kind of “finished off.” I know that is a bad pun, but I meant it in the artistic sense: The picture goes in the frame and it is done, or maybe “presentable” but that thought is even worse.
    I’m sure they need to “show” a lot of people that the guy is dead, but I hated seeing this picture every time I put on the TV or my internet news page.
    How do Christians respond? Hopefully not with glee, but perhaps with very mixed feelings. I’m reading a book on Bohnhoffer and I haven’t yet gotten to the part about the plot to kill Hitler. But from my previous reading, I gather that he took that route cautiously and after much consideration and prayer.
    Yes, we are sinners and saints.

  2. cubicle.reverend · June 12, 2006

    He’s definately dead? I keep hearing differen things.

  3. revhrod · June 14, 2006

    Maybe the frame is so that people know it really is a real picture and not some computerized thing. Granted, you could frame that too. But maybe it’s to give it that “realistic” touch.

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