Just Call the Darn Game

I’m watching baseball’s All-Star Game, and I’m annoyed by the amount of broadcast gimmicks employed by our friends at Fox Sports.  Embarrassingly bad player profiles (such as the video profile of David Wright describing his favorite FOX TV show – 24 – and speaking of his love for pastel-colored shirts – what does this have to do with baseball?) and too-frequent dugout conversations with players and managers ruin any rhythm or integrity this All-Star game might have (yes, I’m trying to keep a straight face as I suggest that the All-Star game might have integrity).

Case and point: During the home half of the second inning some FOX announcer is interviewing National League starting pitcher Brad Penny, who had just finished two innings, striking out the side in the first inning and giving up a solo home run to Vladimir Guerrero in the second.  As Penny is speaking about the awkwardness of preparing for a 2-inning start (he usually pitches 7-8 innings), his National League teammate David Wright, one of the Game’s brightest young stars, belts a home run to left field.  But because the folks at FOX were more interested in a mid-game, dugout interview with a 2-inning starter of an exhibition game rather than the game itself, we missed the chance to hear Joe Buck call the game-tying home run.

I like a good baseball broadcast, and Joe Buck is a very good broadcaster.  It’s a shame that FOX Sports is getting in his way with gimmicks that detract from the game . . .

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One thought on “Just Call the Darn Game

  1. In general, I’ve found the national TV broadcasters of baseball to be less
    competant than the broadcasters for a specific team. Or maybe it is the
    producers. I would think that people who aren’t all that interested in
    baseball would be the least likely to watch the all star game. Therefore, quit
    using the tactics that supposedly increase the interest of these people. The
    segments are boring. When the announcers have so much extra time that they
    just chit chat, it is boring.
    I like baseball, but my friend says, “It is like watching grass grow.” She gets
    dragged to games by her baseball loving husband.” They really need to do
    something about the preaning and posturing of the pitchers and batters. I
    often find it hard to sit through a whole game, if it is over 3 hours.

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