Hey Typepad! ..l..

Typepad was down for much of the afternoon and evening.  No big deal. 

However, when Typepad came back online a (quite funny) post I had written last night and planned to publish this evening was lost.  I’ve submitted a help ticket, but I fear that last evening’s frantic reflections on the excitement, anxiety and shame of bidding on McDonald’s giveaway toys on Ebay for my daughter’s third birthday are gone.  Forever.  It was one of those in-the-moment, punchy, I’m-in-rare-form kind of posts that captured a unique moment in a unique way – something that can’t be recreated a day or two later.  (Of course, if the post is ever recovered and it isn’t as good as I say it is – well, then, that will just be embarrassing).

And so to you, Typepad, I raise a digital finger:


Give me back my post, damn it.

UPDATE: I got my post back, no thanks to Typepad, however.  I sifted through my Temporary Internet Files folders for about an hour and came across an early version of the post – better than nothing (it’s creepy what your computer has on file, you know?).  I’ve tried to clean up the post a bit, but it still lacks the flair of the original.  And even though it is a good post, I think that in my sadness and frustration I may have overstated its greatness a bit.  Nonetheless, like a lost toy or old high school mix tape, I’m thrilled to have it back.  Kudos to my usually technology-deprived wife for suggesting I go through my computer’s cache files . . .

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One thought on “Hey Typepad! ..l..

  1. I almost lost two replys to you yesterday. Probably not that great either. But I managed to copy them and paste them into an email to myself.
    I wonder if your method would work with blogspot. I’ve lost pictures with text that I’ve tried to upload from Picassa. Considering that I’m usually on slow internet, that is a lot of wasted time. Well, maybe the whole exercise is wasted time.

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