Know a Good Blog?

I need to expand my blog roll.  I love my online friends listed to the right, but I’m looking for something, well, consistent. 

You see, like me, most of my blogging friends post in spurts and at various times of the day or night.  And that is fine – most of us don’t blog or even write for a living, so we have to squeeze in a post whenever we might have the chance to write.  Add to this mix the fact that some of my blogging friends have taken extended breaks from blogging – either for CPE, or to move across the country, or to drive across the country with family for vacation, or for a change of pace, just to cite a few – and what results is a near complete list of un-updated blogs on my personalized Google home page. 

So I need your help.  I need some new blogs, especially consistent blogs that I can turn to when my online friends are, well, off line.  Lend me some blog recommendations, with these stipulations:

  1. They post regularly but not overwhelmingly (Daily Kos overwhelms me);
  2. They write thoughtfully about religion, politics, society or baseball;
  3. They have a nice style.

Perhaps I’m looking for what I aspire to be . . . . Either way, if you enjoy a good blog that posts regularly, send me the link.  I will still keep my blogging friends close to my monitor, but I’m in need of some more blogs to provoke my thoughts and get me through these lean summer weeks.

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7 thoughts on “Know a Good Blog?

  1. Here’s two that I find interesting and well written. At the very least, you’ll find some good links.

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