A Slightly New Look

If you’ve come to The Lutheran Zephyr homepage, you see that I’ve made some slight cosmetic changes to the appearance of the page.  For those of you reading this esteemed blog in your RSS feeder, come take a look.

I admit that the narrow center column is slightly annoying – especially for long posts – but there were a few too many items getting tossed into that increasingly long single sidebar.  So I’ve added a second column for a growing array of techinical tools.  What are they, you ask?

First, I’ve greatly expanded the list of blogs I read (now entitled, "the feeds I read," on the right sidebar).  Since I discovered Feedreader (available at Feedreader), I’ve been able to keep up-to-date with about 40 blogs – something I wasn’t able to do when I was just randomly surfing to blogpages hoping for an update.

Second, I’ve signed up with FeedBurner, one of the most widely-used RSS feed services.  With their free services readers can subscribe to my blog via a variety of RSS feedreaders, I can track feed stats, and readers can sign up to receive The Lutheran Zephyr in their email Inbox (left sidebar).

Additionally, I’ve added Technorati tags to each post, and a Technorati search tool in the left-side column.

Finally, I’m struggling to understand how and why to use del.icio.us.  This website allows you to save your favorite links online, tag them, and find other links with the same tag.  I’ve set up an account, added a bunch of links, but it’s not obvious to me what I should do with it.  Del.icio.us can interact with Typepad, but I’m still working on that . . .

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