Beer Interrupted

The other night as my wife was busy with our fussy three week-old daugther, and after I had just put our three year-old girl down to sleep, I went downstairs to our dining table to clean up.  And there I saw two bottles of Yuengling (it’s a Pennsylvania beer), barely supped.

Our beer got interrupted.

But it’s not just the beer.  It’s the blogging (writing and reading – I have not been a social blogger at all, visiting only two or three other blogs since the baby was born).  It’s worship.  It’s a social life.  It’s watching Law & Order re-runs.  It’s the reading of the newspaper or even the Periscope section of a three-week old copy of Newsweek.  All of these regular routines get interrupted by the stuff that two children do. 

It used to be – with one kid – that while one parent cared for the baby, the other got a break to read a book, cook dinner, surf the web, take a nap.  But with two kids, you must divide and conquer, and I think that our kids are dividing and conquering us pretty good these days.  I never imagined how much my life would change with a second child.  (For example, these first few paragraphs have taken me nearly an hour to write, in between three attempts at rocking my baby to sleep.)

So, I’m not sure what the short term future of my blogging will be.  Once I figure it out – and find the time – you can be sure I’ll write about it here.  But until then, and unlike the fake paternity leave I took a few weeks ago, you can likely expect a lot less of the Lutheran Zephyr for at least a few more weeks.


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7 thoughts on “Beer Interrupted

  1. I LOVE Yuengling!!! I can’t usually find where I live, but when the family went to the beach for vacation back in June, I purchased a case of it for the condo. You may have to ship me a case!
    I have been wondering how life will change at our house after December. One kid can be demanding, but adding an infant will be a new set of challenges. Maybe you and Derek can send me some pointers around the first of the year.

  2. Heh. Once you have two kids, you’ll wonder why you ever thought having a baby around was hard… It’s not the baby–it’s contending with the toddler on top of the baby. I *completely* know where you’re at.

  3. Yeungling brings warmth to the heart. Considering how cheap it is in respect to other beers, it’s more than worth the value.
    Dude, do it as you can. As the spirit of God moves you and you find the time. We’ll be here.

  4. Ah, hang in there, guys. We have zero kids and I feel like I can’t find time for anything. (I can hear you laughing at me…) We’re thinking of you. It will get easier!

  5. Remember when you said something about life getting in the way? Yep, you betcha. There is always something, and some of them are positive, but time consuming. And then just when you think you’ll have all the free time in the world, ie empty nest, there will be a health problem, a job problem, or an elderly relative to take care of.
    Is there one in the Sermon on the Mount about Blessed are the Caretakers/Caregivers, for they shall sew the seeds of their own rewards?

  6. PS says: ps Oh yeah, blogging. I’ve been loving it, but sometimes it seems like an excuse for real face to face relationships. But I do feel connected to this little circle of Christians whom I’ve gotten to know. Thank you.

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