Thank you, Augsburg Fortress

Today was my first day as a former employee of the Publishing Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  For those of you acquainted with Augsburg Fortress Publishers, you know that it has undergone an amazing turn-around in recent years.  I consider it an honor and blessing to have spent two and a half years contributing to this vital ministry of the church.  Through it I met hundreds of lay and ordained church leaders, visited several dozen churches, and saw the Lutheran church in its diversity throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States.  Though no one publishing ministry can ever meet every need of every congregation (you’d be amazed at the kind of things people would gripe at me about!), I believe with all my heart that Augsburg Fortress is doing an amazing job at serving the needs of a denomination that is diverse in practice and, perhaps, unsure about its identity.  From Akaloo to Here We Stand Confirmation to No Experience Necessary to Fortress Press to Slabbinck paraments to Lutheran Voices to . . . the list goes on.  Augsburg Fortress is an excellent resource for this church and gift to the wider church. 

Thank you, Augsburg Fortress.

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4 thoughts on “Thank you, Augsburg Fortress

  1. We’ve really enjoyed the Lutheran Voices series. Many of the books have been used in small group settings at our parish. I like that they are written primarily (though not exclusively) by folks engaged in parish ministry.
    I kept trying to make an Akaloo training at synod this year, but couldn’t fit it in my schedule. Is it worth the investment?

  2. Now wait a minute… weren’t you at Augsburg Fortress much longer than 2.5 years? I thought you interviewed when I was still working there, and that was well over 3 years ago before I was in law school… wasn’t it? (Well, maybe not – I know how their hiring freezes work, after all!)
    I have no doubt you contributed much to AF’s growth. Thanks for your ministry, and blessings in your new one!

  3. As a former employee I agree with you 100%. The amazing resources that Augsburg Fortress is coming out with is amazing. Knowing we left at the same time on the upswing is also a positive as well.

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