I got the touch!

I’m not sure how or why, but our (7 week-old!) baby Cana is very calm in my arms.  Talitha, our 3 year-old, was often restless in my arms and much preferred Mommy’s embrace (and anatomy!).  But Cana purrs like a cat when I’m holding her.  Case in point: Last night as I’m reading to Talitha and getting her ready for bed, I hear screaming from the first floor.  Cana was giving Mommy a fit.  After sitting with Talitha for a few minutes as she drifted into sleep, I went downstairs to relieve my wife of the screaming infant.  Within seconds of being in my arms Cana was calm, and she was asleep within a few minutes.  Perhaps she likes my belly?

As a father I simply love this.  It made me sad to hand Tali off to Mommy so often, and I’m thrilled to hold Cana for 15, 30, even 60 minutes at a time.  I can never have the intimacy of carrying a child in the womb or breastfeeding my baby, but having these prolonged times of embrace is just priceless.

Published by Lutheran Zephyr

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