The Diapers Stink Worse This Week

As I collected the trash last night, I asked my wife, "Did you notice that the diapers stink worse this week?"  You see, we gave up on the Diaper Genie/diaper pail concept about three months into our first child, resulting today in three floors of trash cans being graced by the presence – and pungent aroma – of dirty diapers.  It was easy back then, for at the time we lived in seminary student housing and had a trash dumpster at our disposal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Move ahead three years and we’re living in a townhouse with twice/weekly trash removal (no dumpster) and two children in diapers.  Mind you that, in some odd way, infant diaper smell is somewhat quaint.  It’s a unique smell that proclaims, "Cute little baby was here!" and despite the odor you can’t help but say, "Awww, the miracle of life!  What a beautiful baby!  How precious!"  However, the diapers of a three year old are full of the same kind of poo that we adults produce, only in smaller amounts (usually).  There’s nothing sacred, special or quaint about turds in your trash can.

Ah, the blessings of baby diapers!

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3 thoughts on “The Diapers Stink Worse This Week

  1. Though I really enjoy the way the Diaper Genie creates sausage-links out of baby diapers, the twisting and turning of the device became cumbersome after a while (especially with baby in the other arm) and we simply began piling the diapers ON TOP OF rather than IN the Diaper Genie. Additionally, as the diapers (and diaper contents) got larger, the Diaper Genie was able to hold fewer and fewer diapers, requiring us to empty it almost every day. Finally, the Diaper Genie refills were a bit too clostly for our taste, but we were also living on a very tight income at the time, so anything over 10 cents was rich for our tastes.
    Just my few thoughts on the issue . . .

  2. Hmmmm…I didn’t even think about trying to use it with baby in hand. Almost sounds like a two parent job. We got one as a gift recently, which is why I asked.

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