Today I received a positive Endorsement decision from the interviewing panel of the Candidacy Committee.  Whew!  Besides the customary relief that accompanies completion of any high-stakes interview, today’s interview had a special significance.  I had made it this far in the Candidacy Process 8 year ago, but a few months later I withdrew from seminary and Candidacy in an emotional fog.  I have emerged from that fog a much stronger and focused person, but as I’ve returned to the Candidacy Process in the past few years I have felt that I was trying to regain lost ground, that I was just trying to get to where I had been prior to dropping out of it all.  Well, I’ve made it back to where I had been, but in a much stronger and heathier position.

Endorsement is a huge step, but it is not the end of the road.  7 more months of a CPE Residency remain, and then a 12-month internship.  But I’m in a much better position to travel that road today, and for that I give thanks to God.

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7 thoughts on “ENDORSED!

  1. Congratualtions. I sense a sensitive and understanding pastor with the ability to think and write well. You’ve ministered to many through your blog and you will continue to bless others because you’ve used the stress of your life to grow and receive blessings yourself.

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