My Daily Prayer

Thanks to those who posted comments on my question about the 10 Commandments in Prayer, and to my lovely and much more learned wife for putting up with my questions about liturgy and prayer. 

So here it is, posted as a document on Google, my Order of Daily Prayer.  It is compiled of elements from Evangelical Lutheran Worship and The Book of Common Prayer.  Most notably, I structured it so that I would be praying the catechism – 10 Commandments, Apostles Creed, Lord’s Prayer – in addition to a psalm, readings, and a few collects for daily prayer.  Not included here (though perhaps I’ll include it in the future) are the daily readings, which I get from the new daily lectionary in Evangelical Lutheran Worship.  Perhaps you’ll pray it with me, or adapt it to your needs.  Though Google Docs is rather simple, I’ve formatted it on Publisher so that I can fold it twice and slip it inside the front cover of my pocket Bible.

Oh, and for the few of you who may be asking, why is Lutheran Zephyr blogging midweek after his promises to write only once per week?  Perhaps it has to do with the anxious energy I have as I await my Endorsement Panel this afternoon . . .

Peace to you, and keep praying.

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