Daily Lectionary Question

I’ve been praying a form of daily prayer compiled from a few different sources.  For readings, I am using the Revised Common Lectionary daily readings, which are outlined in Evangelical Lutheran Worship.  According to the note in the ELW,

The readings are chosen so that the days leading up to Sunday (Thursday through Saturday) prepare for the Sunday readings.  The days flowing out from Sunday (Monday through Wednesday) reflect upon the Sunday readings.  No additional readings are assigned for Sundays and festivals.
    – page 851, Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Leaders Desk Edition

I like using this daily lectionary because it is oriented around the Sunday lectionary, rooting my daily devotion in the Sunday celebration.  But, I have to ask a few clarifying questions (please excuse me – I only ever took one liturgy course, and that was about nine years ago):

  • The weekly cycle of daily readings is not tailored for Lesser Festivals such as Reformation Sunday or All Saints Sunday, correct?  On the festival day itself I would follow the propers for that festival (such as Reformation on Oct 31 & All Saints on Nov 1, for example), but otherwise the daily lectionary is oriented around the season, correct?  (This confused me this week.)
  • Like the readings, the Prayer of the Day used for Thursday through Saturday is from the approaching Sunday, and the Prayer of the Day used for Monday through Wednesday is that from the previous Sunday, correct?

Well, these are my assumptions about the readings and prayers.  Please let me know if I’m mistaken . . .  But if I am right, is there a website that provides in one place both the readings and the Prayer of the Day for the daily lectionary?  I’m finding that I have to consult different websites, or a print resource, to find both the Prayer of the Day and the daily readings (even in the ELW Leaders Desk Edition, the daily lectionary is separated from the weekly propers by about 800 pages).

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One thought on “Daily Lectionary Question

  1. Your are correct in your assumptions in the two bulleted points.
    Your single liturgy course was 9 years ago but it must have been a good one.

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