Holy Vestments!

Wow!  Did you see the vestments worn by the new Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church at her installation? 

Pb_invest_2817medPb_invest_cath_kjs_mdI’m no expert on vestments (though I did sell vestments once upon a time), nor am I an expert on the liturgical clothing of bishops, but wow – if Bishop Jefferts Schori wanted to be noticed at her installation, she sure wore the right clothing. 

As a guy with minimal fashion sense (I keep it simple, wearing blue shirts and khakis most of the time) I was pretty overwhelmed by her garments.  Perhaps her bold choice of vestments is a sign the bold presence she will bring to her office . . . We’ll see. 

As a Lutheran watching The Episcopal Church with interest, I wish her luck.  May God’s richest blessings fall on Bishop Jefferts Schori and The Episcopal Church at this time. 

But a word of advice – perhaps her first order of business as Presiding Bishop should be to find a new vestment vendor . . .

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5 thoughts on “Holy Vestments!

  1. Heh. As wonderful as it is that she’s heading up TEC, I found the whole service (I watched via webcast) a little too much. Probably has to do with the fact that I just don’t get things like liturgical dance. 🙂
    The homily was pretty good, though. I had to stop watching after that and get the house ready for guests we had over last night.

  2. Put me to the chinese water torture, and I still wouldn’t remember exactly where I saw this (I think maybe the Episcopal News Service).
    The vestments worn by Pres. Bish. Jefferts-Schori were designed by Paul Woodrum and Victor Challenor of Challwood Studios. (They also designed the vestments for Bp. Gene Robinson’s consecration).

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