New Blog: The Candidacy Forum

I’ve created a new blog in an attempt to begin an online dialog about Candidacy in the ELCA.  Called The Candidacy Forum, it is currently in rough draft mode and hosted off my Lutheran Zephyr Typepad account.  But as I spruce up the site (and host it independently, if it takes off) I hope that it becomes a place where current and former candidates for rostered leadership in the ELCA can:

  1. share their stories,
  2. find a community of candidates with shared experience,
  3. pray for the process and the church’s leadership needs, and
  4. consider reform of the Candidacy Process. 

Check it out – – share it with friends, and participate in the conversation.

May God bless all who are preparing for ministry in the ELCA.

Published by Chris Duckworth

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