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Many of you who read this blog know me.  Surely all you who read this blog know something about me – you know that I have two beautiful daughters, that I’m a passionate Lutheran, that I love baseball.  But many of you readers out there know the actual identity of the semi-anonymous, masked man that is The Lutheran Zephyr.  Some of you have mentioned my blog to family members.  Others of you have approached me directly.  Once my boss asked me about my blog.  This presents a quandary. 

I use this blog to give voice to feelings and ideas that may, at times, be less than kosher or completely unfit for the pulpit.  I only minimally edit my posts.  I do not give too much consideration to how a given post might be received by members of my church, synod or family, even though I know many of them are reading.  I just write.

But I do not attach my name to this blog or its posts for a reason.  At times my sincere ponderings can wander into the realm of the blasphemous, unorthodox, unconventional, inconsistent, unpopular or just silly.  I wouldn’t characterize my writings as reckless – far from it – but they are not burdened by a great concern for what is "appropriate" either.  This blog contains some of my raw, honest, conflicted and unrefined thoughts, a journal that just happens to be open for the world to read, a proving grounds for theories and ideas, an open invitation for others to enter into the confusion and convictions of my head and heart.  This blog isn’t intended as church newsletter or pulpit material, folks.

For someone preparing to be a pastor – heck, for any one at all – such honest and public expression can be a liability.  Public niceties, social norms and varying definitions of what is "appropriate" complicate the free expression of honest and unrefined thoughts.  For that reason I shield my name from this blog – not because I do not stand by my words, but because I would prefer to avoid unnecessary entanglements based on a misunderstanding of the way I approach this genre.

But once upon a time my name was on my blog, and I even sent occasional emails to friends letting them know about my blog.  But no more.  I do not post my name here any longer, and I value the semi-anonymity that allows me to speak my mind.

And a "hello" to those of you who know me.  Perhaps we used to work together.  Maybe I see you at church on Sundays.  Or it might be that we’ve collaborated on a church project in the synod.  However we are connected, I am touched that you are reading this blog.  You have probably learned a few things about me that you didn’t know otherwise.  I hope I do not offend you too much with what I write here.  If you have concerns about what I write, please post a comment or send me an email. 

The off-the-cuff, shoot-from-the-hip approach I take to blogging can be disconcerting to some.  For better or worse I take chances here, giving voice to raw and unedited feelings.  For a presentable version of me, please see me in person, or at work, or at church.  In those places I more closely adhere to the rules, but not so here.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to my world.

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6 thoughts on “Being Known

  1. I haven’t thought that you are too open or too radical or too weird, or anything, but then, I’m far away and I DO LIKE people who speak their minds and are direct. So more power to you and your blog.
    And Christmas Blessings to you four!

  2. I find your blog to be wonderfully thoughtful and refreshing. Keep it up, LZ (I’ll respect your completely understandable desire for anonymity and avoid addressing you by name)!

  3. I feel like you should have a secret service code name or something, like “Eagle Scream” or something.
    Also I try to do the same, try not to put myself out there. With my blog service on LiveJournal I can make posts private or friends only. This provides for things I may not want out in the public. Although I rarely use this service anyway. But becoming a pastor puts out a whole bunch of different issues on webiquette.
    Until then, Eagle Scream, until then.

  4. Ye gods, you are articulate. I love reading your blog, your struggles, your STUFF.
    I struggle with issues of self revelation, too. But since I’m not on the pastor track, my worries are different. For example, some of my best material has to do with the Infamous Nephews From Hell. I’d LOVE to blog about them. But what if their father is a reader?
    Keep writing, brother.

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