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For a long time a picture of Bobby Abreu, the former Phillies right fielder traded to the New York Yankees hours before my daughter was born, donned my blog.  Despite his lack of hustle he was my favorite ballplayer.  Months later I am finally getting over the trade and can remove his image from my blog (though I still own several Bobby Abreu jerseys and autographs).

I have replaced him with Andy Bell, the lead singer for Erasure (whose best album was undoubtedly Chorus, despite the popularity of The Innocents’ singles "A Little Respect" and "Chains of Love").  The picture comes from the 1990 Wild! tour.  For those of you for whom a pic of Andy Bell in an angel outfit is a bit much, worry not.  By Spring Training a new picture, probably of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley or the Phillie Phanatic, will don this blog.


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