The Science of Poop

There’s something sad about a nearly 200 year-old science museum resorting to shitology to stay relevant.  Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences is opening an exhibit entitled, "The Scoop on Poop: The Science of what Animals Leave Behind."  From the exhibit website:

Visitors are invited to listen in on an animal’s digestive system,
learn the language of poop in countries around the world, examine fecal
samples in a veterinarian’s lab, compete in dung beetle races, track
wild animals by clues left in scat, see how long it takes an elephant
to poop their body weight, improve their "#2 IQ" in stool school, and meet a dinosaur dung detective.

I can pay $10 to learn how long it takes an elephant to manufacture its own mass in manure?  Perhaps this is a sign that the free market is a failure when it comes to museums and education . . .

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4 thoughts on “The Science of Poop

  1. It is part of the real world and The Peterson Field Guide Series A Field Guide to Animal Tracks is actually a guide to both tracks and turds otherwise called signs and scat. And don’t forget, there is petrified dung of the dinosaurs to be studies as well.
    Long Live what we leave behind.

  2. Yeah, whatever LZ! You know you are as psyched about this as you would be by the Science of Gas! Let me know when we are going!

  3. There’s an entertaining novel by Robertson Davies called The Rebel Angels , primary concerned with scatology, relationships, and the vindication of generous orthodoxy over Gnosticism. You might enjoy it. As for the Academy of Natural Sciences, it hasn’t been the same since Charles Wilson Peale died. I suspect he would like this exhibit.

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