Countdown Meme

I usually don’t do these things, but this looked fun.  Thanks to Lutherpunk.

10 Firsts
1. First best friend: Michael O’Brien, who lived down the street from me when I was about 5 or 6.
2. First car: 1985 Saab 900S with lots of miles, a few dents, a sunroof, and a C-3PO dashboard ornament.
3. First love: In 4th grade I had a crush on Tina Yothers of Family Ties.  I also liked Elisa from my class in elementary school, who kinda looked like Tina to me.
4. First vacation: I remember taking regular day and weekend trips to Cape May, NJ, though my first memory of a real vacation was a road trip to Maine.  I still have a rock from a beach in Maine.
First job: I had a short paper route delivering the Philadelphia Inquirer in 6th grade.  The job lasted about six months.  Years later, I was one of two Christians to work at a Jewish summer day camp following 10th grade.
6. First piercing: An earring, freshman year in college, after feeling miserable about a History of Christianity exam.
7. First concert: I saw Michael Jackson during his Thriller tour.  I also saw the Beach Boys during halftime of a Temple University football game.  I’m not sure what was worse – the football game or the Beach Boys . . .
First record/cd bought: I had a bunch of Billy Joel tapes, but my first CD was Information Society.
9. First real love: Oh wait, you mean Tina Yothers (question 3, above) wasn’t a real love?  My 4th grade heart begs to differ!  But, if I must choose someone I actually knew, I’d have to say it was Sarah in middle school – darn Presbyterian pastor’s kid broke my heart so many times . . .
10. First screen name: luterano

9 Latest
1. Latest alcoholic beverage: Two glasses of Clos du Bois 2005 Pinot Grigio on Saturday night.
2. Latest car ride: from the train station this evening, on the way home from work
3. Latest movie watched: Cars (with my three year old girl – we love that movie!)
4. Latest phone call made: My mother
5. Latest jacuzzi bath: Uh, not too sure. It’s been years . . .
6. Latest played cd: Dora the Explorer, our regular meal-time soundtrack
7. Latest time you cried: today during a 90-minute clinical presentation on this pastoral encounter
8. Latest meal: Hamburger Helper
Latest curse: On my way home from the train station.  Accompanied by a hand-gesture to the idiot in the next lane.  (I really must restrain myself)

8 Things You Wear
1. shirt
2. tie
3. hospital id badge
4. Doc Martins
5. glasses
6. a torn gray Nike sweatshirt
7. a cross around my neck
8.  a wedding band

7 Have You Ever
1. Dated one of your best friends: no (but not for lack of trying)
2. Been arrested: nope
3. Fallen in love at first sight: yup – when I first met my wife
4. Been in a TV program: I was on 20/20 after showing up at President Clinton’s inaugural parade as a senior in high school with Bush for President buttons on my backpack.  In response to a question about what I thought of the parade and day’s festivities, I said something like, "I personally wasn’t a support of Clinton’s but I’m here at the inauguration because, after all, I am an American."
5. Had your heart broken: Yup
6. Said you love someone without meaning it: Yup
7. Made a prank phone call: Nope

6 Things You’ve Done Today
1. went to work
2. fell asleep at work
3. fell asleep on the train on the way home from work
4. read an article from an old Oprah magazine
5. listened to NPR
6. kissed my girls

5 Favorite Things (note: THINGS)
1. XM Satellite radio
2. laptop computer
3. personalized Google homepage
4. cross around my neck
5. Dilbert book collection

4 People I Can Tell Anything
1. my wife
2. my best friend
3. myself
4. my God

3 Choices
1. Black or white? white
2. Summer or winter? summer (there’s no baseball in the winter)
3. Chocolate or chips? chips (tortilla)

2 things to do Before You Die
1. catch a foul ball at a baseball game on the fly (not pick it up off the ground)
2. sing in a damn good cover band performing the B-52’s "Love Shack"

1 Thing You Regret
1.  Dropping out of seminary and the candidacy process 8 years ago

Something you could happily do an infinite number of times:
Sit at a baseball game with my wife (and peanuts and beer) while arguing the merits (or lack thereof!) of the designated hitter and debating the art of keeping score

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3 thoughts on “Countdown Meme

  1. Wow, kind of a walk down memory lane…made me a smile a few times…who is this best friend you speak of 😉

  2. I had to laugh about the one on catching the foul ball. We were at an MLB game, somewhat to the left of home plate, fairly high up, and the foul ball came right to my daughter’s hands, but my son, the baseball maniac, reflexively also tried to catch it and bumped it out of my daughter’s hands and into the hands of someone who latched onto it with his whole body, it seemed. That’s probably the closest we will get.
    Except for the time I was coaching and the foul ball came down right on the top of my head. People were saying, “heads up” but I thought, “if I look up, it will surely hit me in the face,” AND I figured, “What’s the chance it will hit me anyway?” Dumb contradictory logic. I still remember the pain of being hit.
    BTW, my son has put in an application to be a statistician for an MLB team when they have home games. I wonder if that would be a dream job. I suppose they have hundreds of applicants.

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