Back Pain blogging

Last night I got off my couch, holding my 6 month old daughter, and screamed in pain.  After handing our baby to my wife, I fell to the floor, half laughing at the absurdity of it all, half crying at the terrible pain that was shooting through my back.  I stayed on the floor for 14 hours, unable to make any motion that placed even the slightest tug of strain on my lower back – did you know that laughing uses the back muscle and is extremely painful in a state such as mine?  Consuming a steady diet of ibuprofen, I can now walk, stand and sit, albeit with moderate pain and significant awkwardness.

Stuck at home rather than going along with the hectic plans of this weekend, I couldn’t help but blog.
  (Yes, once again, I break a self-imposed blogging silence.)


  1. PS · February 17, 2007

    Oh, my, bad news. I hope it is something that will “go back in” by itself. I’m not personally convinced of the value of chiropractic, but I have friends who swear by it. And there is the possibility of a DO, doctor of Osteopathy, which is a cross between MD and DC. Best wishes!

  2. The Jewish Son · February 19, 2007

    Having experienced the wonder of Chiropractics, I am a huge supporter. It ended years of back and neck spasms and it ended what was mis-diagnosed as TMJ (jaw popping).
    I haven’t been in over a year, after having gone for years, and things are still good.
    If you need someone good in your area, let me know.

  3. Derek the Ænglican · February 19, 2007

    Ouch!! Knowing what it’s like hauling two wriggling ones around I can only imagine the complications… You’ll be in our prayers.

  4. liz · February 19, 2007

    Oh no! I also have to vote for chiropractic (but only if you’ve got a good practitioner – there are a lot of quacks out there!). Hope you’re feeling much, much better.

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