Is NPR too damn secular?

I’m an NPR-listening, Democrat-voting, progressive Christian who was disturbed by the theme of a recent NPR radio debate – Is America Too Damn Religious?  I have yet to listen to this debate, but the written summary, the panel of speakers, and the theme itself leave me questioning the quality and fairness of the discussion.

Am I the only one bothered by this?

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3 thoughts on “Is NPR too damn secular?

  1. “Speaking of Faith” is great. There’s also the “This I Believe” series (which can be, depending on the speaker, downright hostile to religion) and, of course, “Prarie Home Companion” (which, I realize, only a Lutheran would consider even remotely religious).
    I do see what you mean (though I haven’t listened to the debate either), but even in their news stories, I find NPR to be significantly better at recognizing and representing the actual existence of mainstream religion (and not just the evangelical right) than the commerical media.
    Maybe NPR is “spiritual but not religious”. 🙂

  2. My experience of public radio and television — news and other programming — is that they give far more generous treatment to matters of religion than network broadcasting. And as Andy says, I appreciate their acknowledgement that American Christianity is not synonymous with Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, et al.

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