The Cross in my College Chapel

The cross was removed from the chapel at my alma mater, The College of William and Mary.  I was a regular worshiper at Catholic Mass on Tuesdays and Thursdays (sans communion, of course, owing to my protestant nature), but ask me if I care (I don’t).  Yet some folks evidently do care.  Meredith Henne writes a thoughtful essay on the topic over at First Things: William & Mary’s Chapel at a Crossroads.

Working as a hospital chaplain in a secular setting in an intentionally interfaith capacity has helped me appreciate that neither the world, the United States, the church, nor the Christian faith will collapse if a cross is removed from a public place.  In fact, these things might be better off for it . . . But it is late at night.  More thoughts on this topic later.  Maybe.  G’night.

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2 Responses to The Cross in my College Chapel

  1. Question,
    Were either of these chapels ever designated or known as strictly Christian?

  2. LutheranChik says:

    At least it’s still a chapel. The state university down the road from Outer Podunk converted its interfaith chapel to an art gallery…now, I love art galleries, and the local Wesley Center — along with a couple of other denominational campus ministries, built right on campus, back in the day when that was considered okay — has become something of a defacto interfaith gathering place for various groups — but it’s a little sad that the university was no longer willing to provide a neutral meeting ground for persons of faith.

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