My Name is Chris

I’m no longer anonymous. 

For a while I described this blog as a "semi-anonymous" endeavor, a line stolen from the semi-anonymous LutherPunk.  Early in my blogging days my name was on this blog (back when I was on blogger).  But when my boss at my former employer ran across my blog and cautioned me about personal and professional boundaries, I removed my name from the blog so as to not step on toes at work (I blogged in indirect response to this situation, with this post: Honoring our Superiors: The 4th Commandment).

Yet over time I have shared this blog with friends and acquaintances, letting people know that I was the semi-anonymous Lutheran Zephyr.  And in the course of blogging I have revealed myself at times (such as with the pictures posted at the birth of my daughter in July).  My dedication to remaining semi-anonymous has been half-hearted, at best.

Furthermore, over the past few months I have run across people who say, "Hey, I read
your blog."  I think to myself, "What?  How do they know it’s mine?"  I
heard that my blog was a topic, even briefly, of table conversation
among some folks at lunch at a recent seminary event.  My stinkin’
little blog?  Wow. 

And so recently my writing has been informed by the knowledge that my semi-anonymous, secret identity was not so anonymous or secret.  That is, I wrote things that I wouldn’t be afraid to attach my name to.  And then it hit me – why the heck not just put my name on this darn thing?  Plenty of people already know who I am, anyway.  What am I afraid of?  I’m not writing anything amazingly blasphemous or controversial or personal or revealing.  I’m just a guy being honest, fleshing out some ideas, getting into some arguments, exploring life and faith and baseball and parenthood.  What’s wrong with that?  Anyway, and perhaps most importantly, putting my name on this blog will force me to be more careful in what I write, for the mask of anonymity is gone (no guarantee, however, that the quality of this blog will improve – this last sentence is just a theory).

So here it is, folks.  My name is Chris Duckworth.  Nice to meet you.

Published by Lutheran Zephyr

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

5 thoughts on “My Name is Chris

  1. well there Chris, my curiously engaging friend…hello. naming is always a vulnerable thing. i promise not to tell too many people.
    by the way, when did your wife go to princeton? a great friend is there right now getting her phd in theology, her name is laura thelander. do you know her? we were at luther from ’93-’97.
    my name is dave…hahn
    peace o wounded-hip-socket one

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