Canceling my XM (sniff!)

In a few months I’ll be done my CPE residency and earning no income.  Even after I begin internship, the pay will be, well, insignificant.  And so, as I brace for the coming fiscal reality, I am cutting back on some expenses – including my XM Satellite Radio subscription. 

My long-time readers know that I love few inanimate objects more than my XM Satellite Radio receiver.  It was a Godsend while I drove for hours up and down the east coast as a sales representative.  But now I listen to XM much less frequently, mostly at home or on short, local drives to visit Philly-area friends or family.  Hardly the worth-while expense, considering that in a few months I’ll contribute little to the economic vitality of our family.

So farewell, XM Radio.  After two and a half years of listening to baseball, ’80s music, the BBC, and C-SPAN, I’m signing off.  Perhaps I’ll re-subscribe in a year or two, after your merger with Sirius brings the odd confluence of baseball, football, Bob Dylan, Howard Stern, and NPR all on one service.  But until then, it’s back to local and lame terrestrial radio . . . and those old mix tapes I got back from ex-girlfriends in high school.

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5 thoughts on “Canceling my XM (sniff!)

  1. No Deep Tracks? No Fred, Ethel, or Lucy? No 60’s on 6? Surely any self-respecting Philly-area church would give an intern an XM allowance? One might be able to survive from 10-3 when Pierre Robert is on, but otherwise… will you avoid road rage on the surekill expressway?

  2. I’ve had the radio glued to NPR for so long that the idea of listening to music in the car that someone else gets to pick is deeply alien to me. (We do listen to music, but from an iPod hooked into the tape deck.) If NPR sucks, I just turn the radio down.
    BTW, I’m going to be up in Philly again the weekend of the 18th — my bishop is up there, and I’m visiting him and others before heading off to France for work. Would you be up for coffee or something that Saturday? Dunno what your residency schedule is like, but it would be great to meet you. 🙂

  3. My Significant Other, Fellow Traveler, has a Sirius subscription…and I have to admit that it’s pretty addictive, even for a loyal public radio aficionado like myself.

  4. I am feeling your pain. I am not sure if I could give up my Sirius radio (unless, that is, I was going on internship again for peanuts).

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