Abbreviated Reflections

So much to comment on, so little time.  Here are some Abbreviated Reflections.

He Can’t Handle the Truth
President Bush refuses to allow Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to answer this question: Do you promise to tell the truth?  I guess that’s too hard a question for this Administration.
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He Could Handle the Truth
After pardoning Richard Nixon, President Ford testified under oath before Congress.  He said something to the effect of, "I have nothing to hide."  You think that President Bush would at least allow an aide to go to The Hill.
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Super(?) Tuesday
Eliminating any benefit that may exist in a presidential primary front-loaded with several small state polls spread out over several months, New York, New Jersey, California and other large states are moving their primaries to the first Tuesday in February.  It looks as if we’ll have a caucus/primary season that lasts about three weeks and is dominated by large states (giving big-money, celebrity candidates a distinct advantage), followed by nine months for the two candidates to court corruption (I mean, to raise obnoxious sums of money) and bore the heck out of the voters with negative ads.  What a country!  (How’s that democracy project going in Iraq?)
– – – – –
Star Wars Movie Are Bad
Today on NPR
the executive producer of the three most recent Star Wars movies said,
upon watching one of his films in a movie theater, "I was so dismayed,
I was so appalled. I couldn’t believe how truly bad it was."  No duh.
We who grew up when Star Wars movies were actually pretty good were
also appalled at how bad Episodes I, II and III were.  Jar-Jar Binks? 
Give me a break.  (Sure, he was talking about the picture quality of analog vs. digital
projection, but I think his few words go a long way.)

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2 thoughts on “Abbreviated Reflections

  1. Brilliant reflections! Although, I was a little worried about your comprehension abilities concerning the NPR quote until I read the parenthetical bit. Then I laughed. A lot.

  2. Hey! I like the three recent Star Wars movies. Sure, Jar-Jar is annoying and the movie would have been immeasurably better without him, but they’re still good movies. Anyway, go back and watch episodes IV-VI. Cantina band? Jawas? And what were those little teddy bear things in Return of the Jedi called? OK, so they aren’t as bad as Jar-Jar, but the cheese is there.

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